4 cool Halloween comedies for Halloween

It is customary to watch horror movies on Halloween. However, we believe that comedies are better than horror movies, so we present to you our 4 favorite Halloween comedies for Halloween.

The Addams Family

Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to meet the Addams Family is a must! A little scary, quite fun and completely unpredictable – the Addams Family at its best! The unusual Addams clan includes the romantic rascal Gomez, a charming woman fascinated by death, Morticia, and their children – Wednesday and Pugsley. With a helping hand and a Frankenstein-like servant, the family must defend themselves against Gomez’s fake brother, who wants to take over the family fortune.

The Haunted Mansion

Real estate agent Jim Evers and his wife (and business partner) Sarah receive an extremely favorable offer to purchase a historic mansion in Louisiana. At the invitation of the eccentric owner, Edward Gracey, they go with their children to see the house. Gracey and his mysterious majordomo Ramsley spin disturbing ghost stories. When a violent storm cuts off the mansion from the world, these dreams become reality. It turns out that the house is inhabited by 999 ghosts, and Sara is associated with a curse.


A film that captures the Halloween mood in a particularly picturesque way is the beautiful and wise Disney animation – Coco. The film’s action largely takes place in the land of the dead, and in the world of Mexican beliefs, the afterlife is presented in an exceptionally interesting way. Twelve-year-old Miguel falls into the world of the dead. The boy wants to become a musician, contrary to current family traditions. Delving into the past, he reaches his ancestors, thanks to whom he can make his dream come true.


When the university restricts employment in the parapsychology department, Drs Venkman, Stantz and Spengler transform from scientists into Ghostbusters – trackers and exterminators of the plague of paranormal phenomena! And here is their first task: the charming Dana Barrett discovers that her refrigerator has become a mystical portal to the world of spirits. Our heroes come face to face with an ancient evil force that has a clearly defined goal: to turn Manhattan into hell!

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