A beautiful gesture by the Max platform after the death of Matthew Perry

The Max platform, where you can watch “Friends”, adds a tribute to Matthew Perry before each episode of the series.

“In memory of Matthew Perry 1969-2023” – such an inscription along with a photo of the actor was placed by the Max streaming platform before each episode of all seasons of the series “Friends” available there.

A five-second insert was placed before the start of each of its episodes. A short tribute to Matthew Perry is complemented by his photography. The board with it and the inscription can be seen on screenshots from the American streaming platform Max. This is where you can watch all ten seasons of the most popular sitcom of all time, the series “Friends”.

Matthew Perry died last Saturday, October 28. His body was found at his Los Angeles estate. Despite the completed autopsy, investigators have not yet announced the official cause of the actor’s death because toxicological tests are still ongoing. Unofficially, however, it is said that the cause of the star’s death could have been a sudden cardiac arrest.

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