A real cafe from the TV series “Friends” has opened in Boston

A real cafe, Central Perk, was opened in Boston, which was the favorite place of the characters of the TV series “Friends”. Here’s everything we know about the place.

The Central Perk cafe, inspired by the series Friends, was opened in Boston shortly after the sudden death of Matthew Perry, the series’ Chandler.

The cafe opened in November 2023 for a reason. Its owners decided to pay tribute to Matthew Perry.

Central Perk cafe inspired by the TV series Friends was supposed to open earlier, but due to the death of Matthew Perry, its owners decided to postpone the date. Central Perk Cafe is located on Newbury Street in Boston. It is the result of cooperation between Warner Bros. studio. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment with CenPer. Architect Glen Coben of Glen & Co Architecture was also involved in the project.

The Central Perk cafe in Boston featured numerous gadgets from the TV series Friends, including a large black and white photo of its main characters. On one of the walls there is also an illustration of a coffee cup created by the artist Burton Morris, who created graphics for the series Friends. The cafe also featured a replica of the iconic orange sofa. The menu includes not only various types of coffee, but also numerous snacks and light dishes. After visiting the Central Perk café, Friends fans can visit its souvenir shop.

The cafe opened on November 14. Guests could then receive mugs with a special cover containing the inscription ‘Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment’. This is one of Chandler’s most famous quotes.

On October 28, 2023, Matthew Perry was found dead in the jacuzzi at his home in Los Angeles. The cause of his death is not yet known. However, the police reported that no traces of third parties or drugs were found at the scene. Perry himself said shortly before his death that he no longer took drugs or drank alcohol.

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