A spin-off of the Netflix hit “Wednesday” will be created. We know who the series will be about.

“Wednesday” is the most popular English-language series in Netflix history. The production set in the world of the iconic Addams Family will now have a spin-off. The hero will be one of the favorite characters of the main series.

The Addams Family is a fictional family created by American comic book artist Charles Samuel Addams. The Addamses became so popular that they became the heroes of several films, series and even animated cartoons. The latest production set in the world of the Addams and focusing on their fate is the Netflix series from 2022 entitled “Wednesday”, whose main character is the Addams’ daughter, Wednesday Addams. It turns out that another character of this now iconic family will have its own film adaptation.

The Netflix series “Wednesday” turned out to be a global hit. The series became the most popular English-language series in Netflix history with over 252 million views. Now work is underway on the 2nd season of the production. Filming is scheduled to start in April 2024. The media reports that the creators of “Wednesday” are working on another series. It will be a series that will tell the story of Uncle Wednesday Addams, i.e. Fester Addams. No wonder the creators decided to take this step. The first installment of “Wednesday” is a hit, and Fester is cited as one of the most beloved characters.

At the moment, all we know is that work on the spin-off is at an early stage and there is no information yet on when its release can be expected.

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