Agnieszka Holland’s film, awarded at the Venice Film Festival, raises controversy in its country

“Green Border” is the latest film by Polish director Agnieszka Holland, which was recently awarded at the legendary Venice Film Festival. The production has not had its premiere in Poland yet, but it is already causing huge controversy among the government. The Ministry of Interior and Administration has just announced a surprising decision regarding the film’s cinema screenings.

On September 22, Agnieszka Holland’s latest film, awarded at the Venice festival, will hit Polish cinemas. “Green Border” is a film about the current crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The production shows the situation from three perspectives – refugees, Polish activists and border guards.

Although at this point the film has been seen by only a handful of journalists, film critics and filmmakers, it raises huge controversy among the Polish authorities. All because of the subject of the plot and Agnieszka Holland’s statement when she received the award in Venice. The director said then that it is not that European countries do not have the resources to solve this type of conflicts. Now the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration has spoken out about the “Green Border”.

– Agnieszka Holland’s film shows in an extremely unfair, unauthorized and harmful way the officers and the entire Border Guard formation, the police, soldiers and all those who defend the Polish border and the safety of Poland and Poles at the risk of their health and life. Because this film shows a false and unfair image of the services and the situation at the border, we, as the management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, decided that in cinemas throughout Poland the Holland film will be preceded by a specially prepared spot that shows the elements that were missing in this film – Błażej Poboży, Deputy Minister The Ministry of Interior and Administration announced at a press conference.

What do you think about the decision of the Ministry of Interior and Administration? Do you think this is an unjustified interference with the tone of the film and freedom of artistic expression? Is this a good step and addition to the story?

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