Angelina Jolie leaves Hollywood

In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, Angelina Jolie revealed what she thinks about Hollywood and talked about her plans to leave Hollywood and move out of America.

Angelina Jolie will say goodbye to Hollywood. The actress dreams of ending her career and moving to Asia.

In an interview for the Wall Street Journal, the actress revealed what she thinks about Hollywood and what her plans are for the future. It turns out that she is tired of Hollywood and does not plan to appear in more Hollywood films.

The next film we will see Jolie in is the film “Maria” about the famous opera singer Maria Callas. Everything indicates that this is the last production in which Angelina is involved. The actress admitted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that her social life in Los Angeles is non-existent due to the intense media attention every time she leaves the house. Jolie said she plans to move to her home in Cambodia.

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