Argylle. First trailer and release date of the new film from the director of “Kingsman”

Apple and Universal showed the first trailer for Argylle – a new spy thriller from Matthew Vaughn, the director of “Kingsman”. The release date of the film is also known. Is it worth the wait?

“Argylle” is directed by Matthew Vaughn. Work on the project was announced in June 2021. The film is about the author of best-selling spy novels, for whom evenings spent at home, in the good company of Alfie the cat and the computer, are true heaven on Earth. The problem arises when the plot of her books, about the secret agent Argylle, begins to resemble the activities of a real spy group. In this way, the heroine will set off on a journey around the world to chase a group of assassins in the company of Aiden, a secret agent with an unfortunate allergy to cats.

We will see Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard in the main roles. The premiere is scheduled for February 27, 2024. Watch the trailer below.

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