“Beckham.” A documentary about the ups and downs of David Beckham is coming soon to Netflix

“Beckham” is a four-part documentary series directed by Oscar-winner Fisher Stevens. David Beckham will talk about his football career and long-term marriage to Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham has a documentary. In cooperation with Fisher Stevens and Netflix, a mini-documentary series was created in which David Beckham will talk about himself, his life, career and love for his wife Victoria Beckham.

The series will tell the story of how Beckham became a global phenomenon and what impact it had on him. We will also hear stories about his ups and downs. We will also learn about the love story of Beckham and Victoria, who, despite a life in the spotlight that is not conducive to long-term relationships, have a successful marriage with over 20 years of experience. Beckham’s coaches, friends and loved ones will take part in the documentary.

“Beckham” will be available on Netflix from October 4. You can watch the production’s trailer below.

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