Conservatives made their own version of “Snow White”, faithful to the original fairy tale. Check out the teaser

Next year, the film “Snow White”, a new version of the Disney classic, will be released, starring Rachel Zegler. We know that the production directed by Marc Webb will be different from the original (among other things, it will not show the classic dwarves), and Zegler herself has spoken out loud about the fact that her heroine will not rely on being saved by the prince and that the original animation has become outdated. This caused controversy.

It turns out that the Disney movie will not be the only Snow White next year. Daily Wire announced that it is developing its adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, titled “Snow White and The Evil Queen”, for the Bentkey platform. Conservative YouTuber Brett Cooper will appear as Snow White. She said she enjoyed bringing the iconic story to a new generation and felt honored to play Snow White. She added that it is a story showing timeless values such as love, friendship and goodness.

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