Considered by many to be the queen of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan returns

Meg Ryan is back! After an eight-year break, Meg Ryan returns to the big screen with a new romantic comedy. Here’s what we know about «What Happens Later».

When I think about the queens of romantic comedies, one of the first stars that comes to my mind, next to Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson, is, of course, Meg Ryan. The actress won the recognition of viewers and critics with her performances in such classics as «When Harry Met Sally» and «You Got Mail». However, Meg Ryan disappeared for eight years and just when I thought she would never come back, she returns with a role in a new romantic comedy.

In «What Happens Later», the actress plays the main character Willa, a mature woman who meets her former love after many years. The star is responsible for the script and direction of the film. Premiere this fall.

In «What Happens Later» Ryan plays Willa, a sixty-year-old who unexpectedly meets her former partner, Bill (David Duchovny). As befits a romantic comedy, a violent snowstorm prevents them from leaving the airport. Condemned to each other, they recall their shared past, wondering «what if».

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