“Dune: Part Two” has not premiered yet, and the director is already announcing the third part of the film?!

We are waiting for the premiere of “Dune: Part Two”, meanwhile director Denis Villeneuve revealed that the script for the third installment, based on the 1969 book by Frank Herbert, is almost ready. This does not mean that we will see production soon.

Villeneuve has previously talked about wanting to create an entire Dune trilogy, calling it his dream. Now, however, the director admits that before he would start making the third part, he would focus on another project.

Here’s what he said at his last press conference:

“Dune 3 is currently being written. The script is close to completion, but there is still some work to do. It will take some time. I don’t know when I will return to Arrakis. I may have to take a different direction for my own sanity and shoot something different between installments. However, I would like to go one last time to the planet I love.”

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