“Friends” break the silence again

On October 28, Matthew Perry died suddenly. The actor, loved by the world for his role as Chandler in the cult series “Friends”, is still being said goodbye to and mourned en masse. However, his friends from the sitcom remain silent and, a few days after the actor’s death, they announced that they will speak out when they are ready. The first of these moments has now arrived.

Matthew Perry died on October 28. The actor was found unconscious in his own jacuzzi. At the moment, the official cause of the star’s death is not known, because the results of detailed tests to clearly determine the cause of death will come only in a few or even a dozen or so weeks. However, the actor was already buried and said goodbye to by his loved ones and friends who played with him in the legendary “Friends”.

We’ve been waiting the longest for a statement on Perry’s death from his “Friends” cast. Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer made a joint statement on October 30. They wrote in it that they are now focusing on mourning the loss of their friend and supporting his family. They said they would tell more about their friend when they were ready. One of those moments has now come. At approximately the same time yesterday, entries appeared on Aniston, LeBlanc, Kudrow, Cox and Schwimmer’s Instagram, in which the actors thanked Perry for the moments and lessons they shared. They shared their favorite Perry moments with followers and said they miss him very much.

Is this the last we’ll hear from them about Perry? We do not know. Since Perry’s death, the five actors have gone offline and mourned. However, we trust their words in the joint statement that they will say more when they are ready.

You can see the actors’ posts about Perry by visiting their Instagram accounts.

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