Golden Globes introduce two new award categories

Two new categories will be added to the Golden Globes. This year’s biggest box office hits and stand-up comedians will have a chance to receive their awards. These are the conditions that must first be met.

The organizers note that so far such productions have not been taken into account when awarding other awards. The new awards aim to recognize the hard work that goes into creating box office hits productions and artistic performances, such as stand-up comedians.

To be eligible to be nominated in these new categories, certain conditions must be met.

In the case of blockbusters, a film must gross $150 million, of which $100 million must come from the U.S. box office and/or achieve the appropriate number of views on digital streaming, confirmed by trusted industry sources. Pictures released after November 22 may be eligible based on projected box office performance and/or digital streaming views.

The second new category, best stand-up comedy performance on television, will recognize six nominees who have presented traditional comedy performances lasting at least 30 minutes on a recognizable platform. This does not apply to performances shared on individual social media accounts, in series or films created for television. Additionally, only programs that were first broadcast or made available for viewing on demand in the United States during a given calendar year are eligible.

Do you think it’s good that these categories were introduced?

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