Gotham Awards. The highlight of the evening was the incident with Robert De Niro

Gotham Awards are one of the most important American awards given to independent cinema. This year the gala took place for the 33rd time. It was not without a scandal, all thanks to the incident with Robert De Niro’s speech. Read our article to find out what happened during De Niro’s speech and to meet this year’s winners.

The Gotham Awards are presented by the Gotham Film and Media Institute, the largest organization of independent filmmakers spanning both film and television industries. The awards were created to specifically honor films from the Northeast region of the United States and to promote and support independent filmmakers and media creators. Their awards ceremony is treated as the beginning of the awards season, and the winners of the Gotham Award for best film have often received an Oscar in the main category (this was the case, for example, with “Everything, Everywhere at Once”).

This year’s favorite was the British film “All Of Us Strangers”, which was nominated in four categories: best screenplay, best international film, outstanding lead role (Andrew Scott) and outstanding performance in a supporting role (Claire Foy). However, the production turned out to be the biggest loser of the evening because it did not receive a single award. This was probably a big surprise to many in the audience and in front of the TV sets, but an even greater shock could be experienced when the incident with Robert De Niro occurred. The incident occurred when the legendary actor was presenting the Historical Icon and Creator Tribute Award. During his speech, De Niro noticed that his original speech had been modified and that one of the segments was missing from the teleprompter. De Niro read the missing passage from his phone, in which he made several political remarks, including about Donald Trump. The actor added that he was supposed to thank The Gotham and Apple, but he doesn’t feel like it after what they did by censoring his speech.

You can watch De Niro’s entire speech, including everything that was cut and De Niro read it, in the video below.

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