Greta Gerwig got married!

Greta Gerwig, the director of this summer’s hit «Barbie», got married. The director’s choice is Noah Baumbach, whom Gerwig has been dating for over 12 years.

It was a successful year for Greta Gerwig. The director released her new work «Barbie» in cinemas, which became a global hit. What’s more, the production has just been nominated for nine Golden Globe awards, and film critics expect it to receive just as many Oscar nominations. If that wasn’t enough, Gerwig has another reason to be happy.

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach got married. According to Page Six, the couple exchanged vows at New York City Hall and later celebrated their marriage at a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. Gerwig and Baumbach have been dating since 2011. In 2020, they got engaged. However, in an interview with James Corden, Gerwig stated that she was not calling Noah her fiancé because it would mean an imminent wedding and the couple didn’t want to rush it.

The newlyweds have a four-year-old son, Harold.

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