Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime in October

Fall is the perfect time for movies and series, and since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time to introduce the upcoming october’s update to the Amazon Prime Video library


One of the most interesting offers for October is the Spanish series Awareness, telling the story of a young rebel equipped with supernatural powers. Ian can create visual projections and manipulate minds so that his victims see what he puts into their heads. All thanks to a mysterious substance in his blood, which becomes the target of two organizations that want to possess his powers.

Totally Killer

Is there anything more iconic during the Halloween season than a slasher movie with a masked killer? Amazon has prepared the film “Totally Killer” for this occasion – but expect more laughter than fear, because the production with Kiernan Shipka in the main role has a touch of comedy in it. On Halloween night, 17-year-old Jamie meets a serial killer and, as a result of strange events, travels back in time to 1987 – her task will be to warn her mother’s friends who were murdered years ago by the same killer.

Everybody Loves Diamonds

New to Amazon Prime in October is the Italian series “Everybody Loves Diamonds”. The production tells the story of a group of petty thieves who manage to steal stones worth millions of dollars from the Antwerp Diamond Center. The series, which will premiere on October 11, 2023, is based on facts. Antwerp’s diamond district does exist, it is a district in Belgium where approximately 84% of the world’s rough diamonds are processed. Most of Antwerp’s inhabitants are involved in the diamond trade.

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