Hollywood strike. Adam Driver criticizes the policies of Netflix and Amazon Prime

The screenwriters’ strike, and now also the actors’ strike in Hollywood, has been going on for many weeks. As a result, global productions are suspended, but the strikers do not give up in the fight for decent working conditions and an end to controversial actions of film producers. Adam Driver recently showed his support for the protesters. At the press conference of the Venice Film Festival, the actor pointed out how films can be made while respecting the demands of the strikers. The actor criticized Netflix, Amazon Prime and AMPTP.

AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) is an organization that represents the interests of film and television producers. It is also an institution against which WAG and SAG-AFTRA, associations of screenwriters and actors, went on strike, demanding better working conditions, an increase in salaries (especially for screenwriters), an end to the monopoly and an end to eliminating actors by using too much artificial intelligence. The strike has been going on for several months, has more and more supporters and is paralyzing work on film sets and leading to the postponement of film premieres. AMPTP seems reluctant to talk, and the protesters do not budge in their demands. Adam Driver recently commented on the matter.

Adam Driver appeared at the Venice Film Festival, where he promoted his latest film “Ferrari”. Some people might have asked themselves what he was doing there if he was on strike. It turns out that the actor was able to take part in the event because his film met the requirements for which the strikers were fighting. The actor used this opportunity to speak out about the strike. He criticized Netflix, Amazon Prime and AMPTP. He showed that it is possible to make hit films, meeting the demands of the strikers and not being subject to AMPTP.

– I am very proud to be here and to be the visual representation of a film (“Ferrari”) that is not part of the AMPTP, and to promote SAG’s leadership directive – which is an effective tactic – which is a temporary agreement. Why can a smaller distribution company like Neon and STX International meet the dream requirements of what SAG is asking for, but a large company like Netflix and Amazon cannot? Every time the people at SAG support a film that has agreed to the terms, it simply makes it more obvious that these people are willing to support the others they work with and the rest (Netflix, Amazon) are not. – said the actor.

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