Hugh Grant hates acting in the movie “Wonka”?!

“Wonka” is a long-awaited film that will tell us about what made the character of Willy Wonka what he is. The film will also reveal how he came to open his famous chocolate factory. In the film “Wonka” he played, among others: the legendary Hugh Grant, who in one of his last interviews revealed whether he liked working on the set of this production.

“Wonka” shows the adventures of the title character before the opening of the famous factory. The title character is played by Timothée Chalamet. The director is Paul King, and the script was written with him by Simon Farnaby. The story is based on characters created by Roald Dahl. This is the third time Hollywood has decided to make a film featuring the character of Wonka. So far, he has been played by Gene Wilder (1971) and Johnny Depp (2005).

The upcoming Wonka film will feature Oompa Loompa, played by Hugh Grant. In a new interview, the actor admitted that he did not have good memories of playing this character.

Grant stated that filming scenes requiring computer effects was a terrible experience and that he felt like he was wearing a crown of thorns due to the cameras surrounding his head. Grant added that he was making a big deal out of it and couldn’t hate it all more. When asked if the end justified the means, the actor said not very much. Then he added that this is not a dig at the film or director Paul King. The actor said that with age he just dislikes making films more and more, but he takes part in them because he has many children and needs money for them.

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