Indiana Jones or Star Wars? What franchise made Harrison Ford rich?

As one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood history, Harrison Ford has amassed a huge fortune throughout the years. Between that and his multiple businesses, we can definitely quantify the Indiana Jones star’s net worth.

Amongst his greatest achievements are the legendary roles he played in some of the biggest films ever. In Star Wars, he plays Han-Solo and reached stardom at an early age. Indiana Jones is perhaps the most iconic role he has, it made him the biggest action star in the world at the time.

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When he first started, Harrison Ford only got paid a few thousand dollars for his first roles but quickly rose through the ranks and started getting the millions.

Starting with how much he gets paid per movie, Harrison Ford earns somewhere between $15 and $65 million per project. The payment will depend on what his agents agree and it also depends on the movie.

For his return to Start Wars in The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford agreed to get paid $15 million and an additional $10 million based on the film’s box office. In his resume, Harrison Ford has dozens of credits to his name from all the different projects he’s been a part of throughout decades. If we combine what he’s made ever since he started his career, Ford has made hundreds of millions of dollars from acting alone.

According to Forbes, Harrison Ford is worth an estimated $300 million. In terms of other businesses, Harrison Ford has multiple properties listed to his name but his biggest weakness is planes. Ford has a flying license with multiple hours in practice. Currently, he owns as many as 10 airplanes and a helicopter. The most expensive plane under his name is a Cessna 680, which set him back a cool $18 million brand new. When he feels like it, Harrison Ford can easily take an Uber to the airport and fly himself to any location in the United States. That’s what a $300 million net worth will get you.

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