Joey King reacted to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of “The Kissing Booth” trilogy

Jacob Elordi regrets starring in “The Kissing Booth” trilogy. The actor speaks unfavorably about working on the set. Joey King, Elordi’s on-screen partner from this series and privately his ex-girlfriend, responded to the actor’s words. His on-screen partner defends the franchise

“The Kissing Booth” is a romantic trilogy that became one of Netflix’s biggest hits. Recently, Jacob Elordi admitted that he regrets his appearance in these films. The actor sharply criticized the productions, calling them ridiculous. His statement surprised not only the viewers, but also the rest of the cast. Among them is Joey King, who played his character’s girlfriend and was also the actor’s girlfriend in real life.

The actress responded to Elordi’s criticism in an interview with Variety.

– It’s unfortunate that anyone would feel this way. I had a great time making these videos, regardless of what anyone else says. – the actress said.

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