John Cleese believes that Monty Python was an early target of cancel culture

John Cleese has often spoken negatively about cancel culture and political correctness, which he believes are killing comedy and limiting creators. Once again, the comedian spoke on this matter during an interview in The Sunday Times, where he said, among other things: about the reactions of Christian communities to Monty Python’s film “Life of Brian”.

Monty Python touched on various topics that were important to many in a humorous way. Not everyone liked it. John Cleese, member and co-creator of the group Monty Python, touched on the topic of cancel culture in a new interview with The Sunday Times. According to him, Monty Python was the first target of this culture.

According to Cleese, when Life of Brian was released in 1979, it caused enormous outrage among some in the Christian community. This led to situations that we now know as part of cancel culture, but the term didn’t exist back then.

– You could say we were the first targets of the cancel culture. People don’t like it when their cherished ideas are discredited or questioned. We all like to live in our thinking bubble and surround ourselves with people who think similarly. This is also happening on the Internet today, where it can feel like everything is set in these echo chambers. That’s why comedy is even more important nowadays, to burst these bubbles, open them and introduce fresh air into them. This is good for all of us. The problem is that bold comedy has become difficult because when the joke exceeds someone’s sense of good taste, the comedian will be banned. This undermines creative impulses. – said the comedian.

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