Johnny Depp as Satan? That’s what THIS director wants

Terry Gilliam is preparing to make a new film “Carnival at the End of Days”. In a new interview with Variety, he revealed some details about this. It turns out that he dreams of Johnny Depp playing one role.

Will Johnny Depp work with Gilliam again? Terry Gilliam wants Johnny Depp to play Satan in his new movie. The gentlemen previously collaborated on the now absolutely cult film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

Gilliam revealed that Johnny Depp is auditioning for the role of Satan. Gilliam is writing his film with Christopher Brett Bailey, whose youth is intended to support the older Gilliam. Work on the film is in its early stages, but Gilliam is confident that he will be able to make it happen. The director expanded on his statement about the film:

– It’s a simple story about God who wants to destroy humanity for destroying his beautiful garden – the Earth. Only Satan wants to save them, because without humanity there will be no work, and he is an eternal figure, so without work it would be bad. He finds young people and tries to convince God that these are the new Adam and Eve. Yet God still wants to destroy mankind. It’s a comedy. – said the director.

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