Jonathan Pryce talked about working on the final season of “The Crown”

“The Crown” has come to an end. You can now watch the last season of the series on Netflix. Jonathan Pryce, who plays the queen’s husband, talked about working on the final installment of the series about the Windsor family and Queen Elizabeth II.

We can already watch the final episodes of The Crown on Netflix, in which Imelda Staunton plays the role of Queen Elizabeth. She is accompanied by, among others, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip. The actor gave Netflix an exclusive interview in which he touched upon, among other things, issues of saying goodbye to the series.

In the interview, Pryce was asked how it felt to say goodbye to the series that consumed four years of his life and what “The Crown” would leave behind. Pryce also talked about how close he was to the film crew. In the interview, Pryce also talks about cooperation with Staunton, with whom he has known for over 30 years. The actor emphasizes that they both had a lot of trust in each other, so much so that they understood each other without words on some issues. Pryce adds that he will miss working with both Staunton and the rest of the cast and crew.

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– The greatest thing he will leave behind is 60 extraordinary hours of television, made mostly by the same people, with Peter Morgan at the helm. This is his legacy, his own monument. It was great. Excellent. I know that there are a million people somewhere who write that I am nothing like Filip and that we should do something differently. I just want to think about the positive aspects. When I started season one, I thought I would watch one episode and give up because it’s not a genre that interests me. Meanwhile, after the episode, I wanted to watch it again and again. It’s an incredibly well-realized, fascinating story, told not like a Disney fairy tale, but realistically. You can be proud of this series. – said Pryce.

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