Keanu Reeves wants to make “John Wick 5,” but there’s a problem

Even if there should not be a “John Wick 5”, there will be several television series from the same universe that can entertain us while we find out if Keanu Reeves gets his wish for a fifth chapter granted.

The actor is willing to play the assassin again and with the massive success that the films are experiencing it should be possible even if it looked very ugly for the main character at the end of chapter four.

With a worldwide gross of $432 million, ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ is one of the big hits of 2023. The Baba Yaga saga continues to attract interest and the audience numbers prove it, but a fifth entry may not be in the cards, even if Keanu Reeves is willing to make it happen.

All signs seemed to point to “John Wick 5” hitting theaters at some point, though it might not be in the immediate future. Those chances were boosted when Reeves himself said he was ready to make it happen, and the franchise continues to expand with series like “The Continental” with Mel Gibson and the prequel “The Immortals”, with Henry Cavill.

Despite this, director Chad Stahelski has doubts about the future of the assassin. Speaking to the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, he admitted that Reeves “would say yes in a heartbeat” to a new film, and that the studio itself is keen to make it happen.

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Stahelski not sure about “John Wick 5”
However, Stahelski has reservations about a fifth film: “It’s not something I can answer right away.”

For the filmmaker, it is now time to “do other things” and park the idea of a new story for Baba Yaga.

“At the moment I’m going to do other things, and if one day, while walking the dog or driving, an idea came to me, I would shoot with Keanu Reeves in seconds,”

“I doubt you’ll find anyone involved in ‘John Wick 4’ who doesn’t want to do another movie.”

Stahelski believes it is important not to fall into the mistakes of other franchisees and make more films than necessary.

“But I think it’s possible to think of several franchises that have embarrassed themselves by trying to make one more sequel that lacks meaning,” Stahelski said.

“There’s no good reason to bring John Wick back. I’m not going to ask anyone for forty dollars in exchange for us taking John back to shoot people in the head. The public doesn’t like to be taken for a sucker.”

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