Learn the Hugh Jackman diet. The actor changed his eating habits to play Wolverine again

Hugh Jackman showed the diet he follows to be able to play the iconic Wolverine again.

Wolverine is a fictional character from the Marvel universe. When creating Wolverine, Marvel intended him to be an antihero who appears in culture as a result of anti-government sentiment against the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. Wolverine owes his great popularity in the film world to Hugh Jackman, who decided to play his role.

Hugh Jackman will soon return as Wolverine, as he will appear in the role in “Deadpool 3.” On this occasion, Jackman is working on his body and diet again to be at full strength on the set. The actor recently shared what he eats to be able to play the iconic Wolverine again.

The diet consisted of plenty of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables, everything needed to gain weight during training while avoiding adding fat. His meals, estimated at 1,100–2,100 calories per plate, consisted of chicken burgers, sirloin steaks, fish with rice, salmon and potatoes.

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