Lionsgate studio announced the release date of the next part of the “Saw” movie

This year, we could watch “Saw X” in cinemas, the latest installment of the series started in 2004. We read in the reviews that “Saw X” is the best installment of the series since the original. Lionsgate studio, pleased with the success of the film, has already announced the next installment and, what’s more, announced its release date.

“Saw X” received good reviews and grossed $107 million worldwide. The story focused on John Kramer, who took revenge on fraudsters who were supposed to cure him of a brain tumor. The action was set in the time between the first and second parts of the series. At the moment, it is not known what “Saw XI” will be about and whether it will be a direct continuation of the events of the tenth part of the series. However, we know that “Saw XI” will be made and we already know its premiere date.

We will see “Saw XI” in less than a year – on September 27, 2024.

The film series tells the story of John Kramer, known as Jigsaw, who is terminally ill with brain cancer. When Kramer learned about his incurable disease, he tried to commit suicide by driving his car down an embankment. When he managed to survive, he decided to devote the rest of his life to proving to people who do not respect life how much it really means to them.

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