Martin Scorsese: “We have to save cinema”

Martin Scorsese encourages the fight against superhero productions. In his latest interview, he openly called for opposition to this type of production.

Martin Scorsese is a big opponent of superhero productions. In 2019, the director criticized the MCU, claiming that it was closer to an amusement park than a real cinema.

In his latest interview with GQ magazine, Scorsese once again raised the issue of film adaptations of comic books and big blockbusters, which he still treats as a threat to real cinema. According to him, the leaders who could save cinema with their films should include Christopher Nolan and the brothers Joshua and Benny Safdie.

– What they are doing to our culture is a danger, because soon we will have generations who will think that only such films exist and that this is what cinematography is. This means we have to fight harder. And it has to come from the roots, from the filmmakers themselves. We have the Safdie brothers and we have Chris Nolan. – said Scorsese.

The filmmaker also took the opportunity to criticize the streaming industry. He believes that the content offered there is not equal to real cinema. The director claims that there are so many of them in the catalogs of streaming platforms that we forget most of them immediately after watching them. He also added that they offer nothing more than a number of special effects.

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