Matthew Vaughn would like to make a new version of “Star Wars”

Can you imagine new Star Wars movies with other actors playing the classic roles of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Director Matthew Vaughn wouldn’t mind this option.

In the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the creator of “Kingsman”, among others, stated that he is interested in a Star Wars reboot with new actors. Vaughn added that “Star Wars” is the story of the Skywalker family, and it was a mistake for Lucasfilm and Disney to move away from it. The director added that although he likes the Star Wars series, he would like to see a great new film created for a new generation.

At this point, however, it does not appear that Lucasfilm will undertake new stories about the Skywalkers themselves. At the moment, three films are planned – one will be devoted to Rey, the second to the events many thousands of years before the Saga, and the third will be the conclusion of the story shown in the TV series.

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