Melissa Barrera fired from the set of “Scream 7”

Information has been released online that Melissa Barreram, the star of the last two parts of “Scream”, will not appear in the seventh part of the film. Barrera was fired due to her activity on Instagram.

Melissa Barreram will not appear in the seventh part of the film “Scream”. Barrera was fired due to her activity on Instagram, where she shared posts about Israel and Palestine.

The actress shared on Instagram her opinion that Israel is committing genocide against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip and called for a stop to it. According to sources, the direct cause of Barrera’s dismissal was a post interpreted as the opinion that Jews control the narrative in the media. In Spyglass’s official statement, we read that its representatives do not tolerate anti-Semitism in any form.

Shortly before the news about Barrera broke, it was reported that her current representation agency had broken off cooperation with her after the actress appeared at a pro-Palestinian march, where she spoke about how Jews living in America now live in fear and may see how is to be a Muslim in this country.

Barrera played Sam Carpenter, the sister of Jenna Ortega’s character. Sam was the main character of the fifth and sixth parts of the film “Scream”. It was expected that she would also lead in “Scream 7”, to be directed by Christopher Landon. After the actress was fired, the director wrote that it was not his decision.

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