Research has identified the most terrifying horror of 2023

What is the scariest horror movie of 2023? An answer has appeared on the Internet – it is not a subjective assessment, but the result of scientific research.

The experiment was conducted by experts associated with the Science of Scare project. First, film rankings and Internet users’ reviews of horror films that made the greatest impression on viewers were analyzed. Then, volunteers were invited to screenings, during which the study participants watched selected films. During this time, they were connected to devices that measured their heart rates. In a normal state, the participants’ hearts beat on average 65 times per minute, but during the session the devices recorded significant increases in heart rate. Based on this, experts managed to determine which horror is the scariest from a scientific point of view.

The study was first conducted in 2020 and was repeated this year, so productions from recent years, including those from 2023, could be added to the list. The winner among this year’s horror films was “Skinamarink”, a Canadian horror film in which two children wake up at night in their house and discover that their father has disappeared from the house, as well as all the doors and windows. The film took third place on the all-time list.

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