Ridley Scott’s four-hour version of “Napoleon” will soon be available on a streaming platform

Ridley Scott’s new film will hit theaters in November. “Napoleon” will tell the story of Napoleon’s rise to power. The film will be released in two versions. The theatrical version will be 3.5 hours long. However, shortly after the film’s cinema premiere, a director’s cut will be released, which will last over 4 hours. We already know that it will be available on the streaming platform.

Ridley Scott’s latest film will be really long. The film “Napoleon”, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will be released in cinemas as a 3.5-hour spectacle. Now it turned out that we will also be able to watch a second version of the same film. This information was shared by Ridley Scott himself during an interview with the editor of Total Film. The director revealed that the longer version of Napoleon will last approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes, and the screening will be available on the Apple TV+ platform.

The film Napoleon will tell the story of the French emperor’s path to power over Europe, seen through the prism of his relationship with Empress Josephine. We will see Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte and Vanessa Kirby as Josephine.

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