The 5 best comedies with Meg Ryan

On the occasion of Meg Ryan’s return to acting after an 8-year break and the upcoming premiere of her new film “What Happen Later”, we remind you of five cult films with the actress.

Although Meg Ryan never planned a film career and came across her first casting by accident, subsequent productions earned her the title of queen of romantic comedies. Here are the titles we consider the best.

When Harry Met Sally

One of the most famous romantic comedies in history. Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) meet right after graduating from college, but their paths diverge shortly thereafter. After five years, they accidentally meet on a plane. The initial reluctance slowly turns into friendship. They both help each other in difficult times, share their joys and worries, and talk about their subsequent relationships. After many moments spent together, Harry and Sally become close, but it is difficult for them to tell whether they are still just friends or whether they have something more in common.

Sleepless In Seattle

During a Christmas radio show, eight-year-old Jonah calls the studio asking for help in finding a new partner for his dad. The boy recently lost his mother, and now he is worried about his father, Sam (Tom Hanks), who has fallen into despair after the death of his wife. At his son’s urging, the man tells the story of his great love. Thousands of women respond to the broadcast. Among them is Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), who, moved by Sam’s confessions, decides to meet him.

French Kiss

Kate’s fiancé goes on a business trip to Paris. There he begins an affair with Juliette, with whom he falls head over heels in love. The man decides to stay in France permanently and calls off the engagement. Determined Kate (Meg Ryan) decides to fight for her relationship and sets off across the ocean to get Charlie back. While traveling, she meets a mysterious Frenchman, Luc (Kevin Kline). A stranger helps a woman, and shared adventures bring strangers closer together. A classic plot of a romantic comedy with a phenomenal Paris in the background.

You’ve Got Mail

Following the success of “Sleepless In Seattle,” Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks reunited on screen in Nora Ephron’s next comedy. Kathleen owns a small bookstore. Unfortunately, when Joe Fox’s publishing salon opens in the area, its premises are threatened with closure. At the same time, the woman starts a correspondence with a stranger from the Internet. Kathleen shares all her problems with him, and their acquaintance turns into friendship and even infatuation. One day they decide to meet. “You’ve Got Mail” is a situational humorous portrayal of an online friendship from before the Facebook era.

Prelude to a Kiss

When you marry someone, you promise to love them until death, no matter what may happen. But no one expects that the test of fidelity will take place right after saying the sacramental YES. Peter (Alec Baldwin) and Rita (Meg Ryan) are getting married. Suddenly, right after the ceremony, a mysterious, older man (Sidney Walker) appears and asks for permission to kiss the bride. It is a kiss that sends young lovers on an unexpected journey they will never forget.

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