The creators of “Stranger Things” announce that the final season is like the first season, but on steroids

The final season of “Stranger Things” is still ahead of us. We recently learned that work on the episodes will start again in January, and now the creators, the Duffer brothers, have commented on it.

The Duffer brothers spoke up. Matt and Ross stated:

“This season is like season one on steroids. It’s bigger than ever in terms of scale, but it’s also a lot of fun because everyone is back in Hawkins. Eleven and the guys’ interactions are more like they were in season one.”

The Duffers added:

“Ending a series is like opening a restaurant, in terms of the ratio of successes to failures. I would say that on average 80% may turn out to be failures. You can recommend trying to please everyone. We have a variety of fans, I’m sure they have their own ideas about it, how the series should end. But we don’t consult ideas on social media.”