The Crown. The release date for the final season has finally been announced!

Netflix has finally announced the date of the premiere of season 6 of “The Crown”. The final seasin of the British hit about the British royal family will be divided into two parts.

Saying goodbye to “The Crown” is very close. Netflix released a short announcement and announced the release date of the final season of the series. As it turns out, the season is divided into two parts. Was it because of the Hollywood strike and suspended work on film sets that the creators of the series had to divide the final season into two parts because they did not have time to complete everything before the strike began? Or maybe the creators have succumbed to the trend in which the last parts of global hits are divided into two parts? We do not know. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long for the premiere of the second part.

From the season announcement, we learn that Netflix will release the first part of season 6 of “The Crown” on November 16, and the second part on December 14.

The 6th season of “The Crown” is to show events taking place between 1997 and 2005. Part one will consist of six episodes and will follow Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s blossoming relationship before they get into a car together in Paris with devastating consequences.

In the second part, consisting of six episodes, we will watch as Prince William tries to return to life at school at Eton after the death of his mother, while the monarchy has to deal with public opinion. Meanwhile, the Queen, who is celebrating her golden jubilee, ponders the future of the monarchy. There will also be the story of the second marriage of Prince Charles, today’s king, with Camilla, and the beginnings of the fairy-tale romance of William and Kate.

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