The ‘Love Story’ actress remembers Ryan O’Neal

On December 8, Ryan O’Neal, the actor who played the main male role in the film “Love Story”, died. Today, the artist is remembered by Ali MacGraw, the actress who played his beloved in this cult production, which received seven Oscar nominations.

“Love Story” is an absolutely cult film today. After its premiere, the production immediately turned out to be a financial hit, and a moment later it received as many as seven Oscar nominations. Film historians even consider it the most famous melodrama since “Gone with the Wind” and “Casablanca”. It is no wonder that the actors playing the main roles, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw, instantly became Hollywood icons. Unfortunately, on December 8, the world learned about O’Neal’s death.

O’Neal died at the age of 82 after a long battle with prostate cancer. His daughter Tatum announced the actor’s death. Now the actor is remembered by his screen partner from “Love Story” Ali MacGraw. The actress’ statement was published by CNN.

“Working with Ryan, all those years ago, was one of the great experiences of my film career, and we remained friends ever after. He was a skilled actor, charming and funny too. I know that a huge part of my success was due to his generosity as my co-star. It has been devastating to know just how ill Ryan has been for many years now, and I was not surprised to learn that he had passed away. Thankfully, he was surrounded by his son Patrick and a small group of lifelong, close friends. My heart goes out to all four of his children and to the people who loved him most. Ryan and I worked together again several years ago with the road company for ‘Love Letters’. It was a wonderful experience, and I shall miss him and the fun we shared … and I pray that he will find Peace at last.” she concluded.

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