The new trailer for The Killer with Michael Fassbender looks amazing

“Stick to the plan.” So says Michael Fassbender, frequently, in the new trailer for The Killer, David Fincher’s upcoming Netflix movie.

It’s a chaotic, rhythmic trailer which seems to match the psyche of Michael Fassbender’s titular The Killer, an assassin who finds himself embroiled in an international manhunt when a hit goes wrong.

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The movie is based on the French graphic novel series by Alexis Nolent (Matz) and marks the first time since Se7en that David Fincher has teamed up with Andrew Kevin Walker on a movie.

The pair have been working together on the fantastic animation series Love, Death + Robots but they are now back together for a feature – and it looks like the magic of Se7en is certainly there.

Although The Killer is a Netflix exclusive, the movie is debuting at the Venice film festival and will be on the big screen in selected cinemas in October, before streaming on Netflix in November.

David Fincher’s work with Netflix so far has been superb. He has made the very personal Mank with them (written by his late Father Jack Fincher), produced the animated anthology oddity Love, Death + Robots, exec produced the cinema documentaries Voir and Is That Black Enough for You?!?. And let’s not forget the masterful Mindhunter.

While it looks like we aren’t going to get a third series of that show, the look and feel of The Killer is very Fincher and it’s great to see him mine the crime thriller genre he is known for once more.

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