The Oscar shortlists will be announced tomorrow!

As the world prepares for Christmas, filmmakers are hard at work as December kicks off awards season and brings Oscar news. Tomorrow we will learn the Oscar shortlists, i.e. a list of films and filmmakers from which the Academy will select the official Oscar nominations. This year, the Polish candidate for the Oscar is competing for a surprisingly large number of nominations.

The Oscar shortlist is a list of films and creators who successfully passed the first stage of the fight for an Oscar nomination. This is a list on which the Academy includes titles and names that will be taken into account when selecting nominations. It is from this list that official nominations will be selected. When will we know the composition of the shortlist? Coming December 21st!

The biggest favorites indicated by bookmakers are “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”. The power of these films has already been confirmed by the Golden Globes, which, when announcing the list of nominations, included “Barbie” in as many as nine categories, and awarded “Oppenheimer” with eight nominations. Will these films receive an equally large number of nominations at the Oscars? We will find out on December 21.

On December 21, we will also find out whether the Polish candidate for the Oscar will succeed. For a long time, a foreign-language film was not as confident as a Polish production. Poles submitted nominations in six categories – Best Film, Best International Film, Best Animated Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

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