The premiere of the eighth part of “Mission: Impossible” delayed by a year

Bad news for everyone waiting for the next part of “Mission: Impossible”. Paramount Pictures decided to postpone the premiere from June 28, 2024 by almost a year. Now the film is scheduled to hit the screens on May 23, 2025.

This situation is another result of the actors’ strike, which means that work on the sets cannot be carried out on time. Moreover, the sequel will have a different title than originally planned. The current name was “Dead Reckoning Part Two” (this year’s film was released as “Dead Reckoning Part One”). The new title has not been announced yet, but the film will, in any case, directly continue the threads started in the last part.

“Dead Reckoning Part One” was not as successful as the producers had hoped, earning $567 million worldwide.

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