The writers’ strike is over, but the actors are still on strike

The Hollywood writers strike is over, but SAG-AFTRA is still on strike. Talks between the studios and SAG-AFTRA are still ongoing.

There was no picketing Monday by SAG-AFTRA members due to the Indigenous Peoples Day holiday, but chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and other guild leaders will meet again with the CEOs Gang of Four and the AMPTP in two days. Bargaining will continue on Wednesday, Oct. 11, with the parties working independently on Tuesday.

The actors union went on strike in July. The actors and writers went on strike with different demands. The actors union represents many types of performers. Each with specific needs that need to be addressed. SAG-AFTRA went on strike over an ongoing labor dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The strike is led by changes in the industry caused by streaming and its effect on residuals, as well as other new technologies like AI and digital recreation. It marks the first time that actors have initiated a labor dispute in the U.S. since the 1980 actors strike.

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