There will be a third part of the movie “Sicario”. The original cast is said to be returning

Work on “Sicario 3” confirmed. One of Denis Villeneuve’s best films will have another sequel, this time with all the actors from the original cast returning. Producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill have revealed that Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro are interested in appearing in the film.

Del Toro is the most involved in the work on “Sicario 3”, as he spent a lot of time talking about the film with producers. Smith admitted that the other two actors also know the first details of the production and want to appear in the third part. Producers confessed that the actors are excited to return to the series.

The first “Sicario” appeared in cinemas in 2015. The film told the story of a young FBI agent whose task is to find the brutal head of a drug cartel. In 2018, a sequel was released, “Sicario: Day of the Soldado”, directed by Stefano Solima. Del Toro and Brolin reprized their roles in the film.

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