This is one of the worst earnings years for Disney

Although Disney had several big releases up its sleeve, none of them managed to earn even a billion dollars. This is the first such case in nine years, excluding the pandemic period.

This is not the best year for Disney. No Disney movie made a billion dollars this year. For comparison, in 2019, as many as 7 of their titles reached this level.

Disney’s latest disappointment is the animated film “Wish,” which was supposed to be an opportunity to celebrate the studio’s 100th birthday, but instead collected $31.7 million on its opening weekend. In turn, recently, “The Marvels” from the MCU turned out to be a financial flop, and previously the new film from the “Indiana Jones” series ($383.9 million). “The Little Mermaid” had a better result this year ($569 million), but it still had no chance against the results of, for example, “Beauty and the Beast” from a few years ago. The highest-earning production of the year is still “Barbie” ($1.4 billion), followed by “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” ($1.3 billion) and “Oppenheimer” ($950 million).

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