Why doesn’t David Fincher want to see ‘Fight Club’ again?

David Fincher hasn’t watched “Fight Club” in 20 years. He also says he doesn’t intend to watch it again. Why?

David Fincher said in one of his recent interviews why he hasn’t watched “Fight Club” in 20 years:

– I haven’t seen it in 20 years and I don’t want to. It’s like looking at your school photos. Yes, I was there. – said the director.

The director made it clear that this approach is not limited only to the film with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, but is his general attitude to previous works – apparently the creator does not like to look back at what he has created.

Let us remind you that from November 10 you will be able to see Fincher’s new film – “The Killer”. Below is the trailer.

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