Will Adam Driver play Copernicus? It was all because of the painting he saw in Toruń

Adam Driver is currently in Poland at the invitation of the Camerimage film festival. The famous Hollywood actor promotes the film “Ferrari” here. Soon he may return to Poland again, because when he saw Matejko’s Copernicus painting in Toruń’s town hall, he noticed that he looked so similar to Copernicus that he could to play him.

Adam Driver is a famous Hollywood actor, who recently could be seen in the film “House of Gucci”. The actor’s latest project is the production of “Ferrari” and it is this film that he promotes at the Camerimage festival, which invited him as a special guest. In addition to his promotional duties, the actor found time to do some sightseeing. This is how he came across an exhibition of Jan Matejko’s paintings, which inspired him to take up a new acting challenge.

Adam Driver wants to play Copernicus. All because, while visiting an exhibition of Jan Matejko’s paintings, he noticed a similarity with Copernicus, admiring the painting “Astronomer Copernicus, or Conversations with God”. He stated that he could be cast in a biography of Copernicus. The events were reported by Małgorzata Matuszewska, a PR specialist associated with the world of cinema for years.

“He admitted that he was surprised by how similar he was to Copernicus and that he would love to play him. When the host asked at the end what his acting plans were, Adam repeated three times: “Copernicus” – reports Matuszewska on her Facebook profile

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