Will “The Hangover Part IV” be made? Bradley Cooper comments

We saw the finale of “The Hangover” trilogy in 2014. Despite the passage of time, fans still want to see the next part. Will another film be made? Bradley Cooper, who played one of the main roles, revealed in a new interview whether he would appear in the next part of the series and whether such a film would be made at all.

“The Hangover” is a trilogy directed by Todd Phillips. A comedy about a group of friends who party a little too hard, which often gets them into trouble. Films from this series were a mega hit all over the world. Fans are clamoring for a sequel, but Todd Phillips is focused on filming the second “Joker” movie. Is there any chance that “The Hangover IV” will be made? Braley Cooper answered this question.

– I would probably star in “The Hangover IV” without hesitation. I love Todd [Phillips], Zach [Galifianakis] and Ed [Helms], so I guess so. (…) However, I don’t think Todd will ever return to this series. – said Cooper.

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