Will the new big Hollywood star be the new James Bond?

Paul Mescal overnight became one of the hottest names in Hollywood. During the most difficult moment of the coronavirus pandemic, he made his professional debut with the main role in the miniseries “Normal People”, which was hailed as the best series of the pandemic, and Mescala rose to the status of a big star and was nominated for an Oscar. For his second role in the film “Aftersun”, he was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best actor in a leading role. Now, the media is reporting that Mescal is said to be the main candidate for the role of James Bond.

In 2021, Daniel Craig said goodbye to the role of James Bond after 15 years of service in Her Majesty’s name. Now the media and fans of the 007 series are constantly speculating who could replace him, waiting for the creators of the franchise to announce the actual replacement.

Many speculated that Bond might now be black or played by a woman. However, the creators seem to deny these rumors. However, they have not yet named Craig’s successor. The media and fan ratings of the series most often indicated that Bond could now be played by such names as Idris Elba, Tom Holland, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, or Taron Egerton. The latter has already denied the rumors, and the rest seem too young or too old to commit to a contract to play Bond for the next 15 years, when their appearance would remain unchanged.

According to the Daily Mail, the directors of the next James Bond film want two actors to play the role of agent 007. Bond would have his younger and older versions, and the favorite to play the younger Bond is apparently the Irishman Paul Mescal, known for his main role in “Aftersun” and “Normal People”. On the other hand, it is said that Englishman Aaron Taylor-Johnson could play the older Bond. Just a few months ago, Taylor-Johnson was considered the favorite to become the new 007 agent permanently.

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